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Peyman Soltani appointed as Center for Music Diplomacy Ambassador

In line with achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs):

Established in January 2022, Center for Music Diplomacy is aimed to create new responsible strategies for implementing alternative diplomacies as a solution for synergy and inter-generation / intern-cultural dialogues.
Structured as non-profit entity committed to UN Sustainable Development Goals and UN Global Compact discourse, this center started its activity with an approach to introducing different cultures and spreading peace and friendship through the language of Music and Mr. Peyman Soltani (Composer and theorist) appointed as the ambassador consequently.
Ali Pouya, SIIF president and the managing director of SDS International Group as an active member of UN Global Compact designated Mr. Soltani in a ceremony dedicated to this.
SIIF (Swiss-Iranian Investment Forum), a non-profit association domiciled in Genève, as a Responsible Investment Initiator in alternative diplomacies between Switzerland and Iran and also SDS International Group, a UN Global Compact pioneer member, as an international sustainability watch dog for has jointly created “Center for Music Diplomacy” co-hosted in Genève and Tehran.
Achieving the following goals by the ambassador is the main agenda of the center:

• To explore the historical role of music as a form of cultural diplomacy
• To promote the use of music for social cohesion and development.
• Defining initiatives on cross-borders issues such as peace, friendship and responsible collaboration
• Expanding SDGs and Sustainability related concepts
• Defining and developing exchange and internship programs in “Music, Peace and Friendship”, “Music, Women and Sustainable Development”, “Music and Developing International affairs”, “Music and the economy of art”, “research-based concerts for developing collaboration and cultural synergy” and “Research Discourses in different countries”
• Absorbing music potentials and international support of international associations (literature, art, music) and keeping relations among nations through meetings and formal discussions and representation at events (Concerts, festivals …).

 Photo by: Kambiz Bagheri