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About Us  
The Swiss-Iranian Investment Forum (SIIF) was founded in 2017 as a Civil Law association domiciled in Geneva, Switzerland. The purpose of SIIF is to facilitate economic exchanges between Switzerland and Iran, and promote better understanding of Iran’s emerging markets and financial reforms designed to protect international investments and business activities.    
SIIF Founding Members are from the leading top policy makers and managers across Iran and Europe    
Our Mission  
The purpose of the Association is to promote sustainable and responsible investment in Iran’s health, transportation, environmental, financial and other related and necessary sectors based on global finding about economic, social and environmental situation in Iran.    
SIIF create a space of trust in Switzerland and Iran in developing world-class communication platforms. To create the conditions for growth and business development in two Country    
In order to support Environmental Social Governance (ESG) pioneers in IRAN, Swiss-Iranian Investment Forum (SIIF) has established an initiative named as “Emerging ESG Leaders Award” to honor and promote their professional efforts respecting sustainable development issues and responsible environmental, social and governance practices    
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Practical Information  
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